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About Us

They say that the value of devotion is shown in tough times. And it’s true. Take us. Metro Garage Door Repair Dedham goes above and beyond to address problems as quickly as possible. But we are strong believers that the loyalty of a professional garage door repair company, its value and culture cannot hide, whether this is a rainy day or not.

The first thing you will notice, should you decide to put your trust in our garage door company, is our eager to help fast. You see, we know the risks when there’s even a minor garage door problem and the last thing we want you to have is safety concerns. On top of that, we realize the importance of quality at any level – the service, the replacement parts, the garage door, the opener. And so, we are here to tell you a few things about us, the way we work, how we can make your personal experience but also your garage door service experience stress-free. Just wait and see.

About Us

Our Dedham garage door repair team – a short introduction

Basics first. Our company serves Dedham, Massachusetts. You can turn to us for any garage door repair Dedham MA service you need and be absolutely sure about the results. We have experience with all garage door brands, all types, both types of springs, all openers – even the most sophisticated models. We can’t help but ensure excellent service – that’s just to break the ice.

Now that you get to know our team a little better, let us assure you that the service list includes new garage doors & installation, replacement jobs, emergency repairs, quick fixes, conversions, maintenance. Anything & everything you want about your garage door. Need anything today?

Forget all anxieties about garage door services. You’ve got us

We know what keeps you up at night! The service cost, the response of the techs when the garage door springs break, the way the job is done. Time to wear a nice, big smile on your face because you will love everything you’ll read.

Let us assure you that we don’t go out of our way to help quickly only when you need garage door opener repair but every single time you need service. Obviously, the more urgent the situation, the faster is handled. But overall, all services are provided quickly.

And what’s even more encouraging is the fact that all services are performed with the appropriate replacement parts and tools, with respect to the safety guidelines, by the book. And all that without costing you an arm and a leg.

So, we’ve done our part – for the moment, and told you a few things about us. Should we now show you in action what it means to rely on the number one in Dedham garage door repair company? Let’s chat. 

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